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We design and develop mobile and web apps for many Silicon Valley startups.
Including Y Combinator startups with exponential growth, funded by top US investors.

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Cofounder @ Move Loot YC w14
If you are searching for somebody who is on demand, will produce quality code while being responsive and is within budget, PovioLabs is the answer.

Move Loot Ltd. is funded by:

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Founder 90d8cac515557449f55e078074425c5dbe646037e80f4c82cf2c14204aea4d31
Louise Broni-Mensah
CEO, Shoobs YC w14
They have offered us a good rate, started immediately and insured that project was completed on time.

Shoobs Inc. is funded by:

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Founder 681404cbe1a7e2c71c7703a649088bd839885c1f65fef633333b6ac44b059856
CTO @ Terravion YC w14
They are on demand – we needed a service and they have started immediately. Whether you need just a simple feature or a complex work, they will execute it.

Terravion is funded by:

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Founder 140a415412e777a0ab6d74f9e370ba9d0742dc4d706191108e1351c5cb58d4ee
CEO @ YesGraph YC w15
I highly recommend you check them out if you need help here. They are really fast and know how to build good product. The good news is that it is open source so you can see all the work they did.
YesGraph is funded by: Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Accel Partners (source: Crunchbase)
Founder f96d8946350dd6b9543e2fbd1164a3a393dea1c85834fed9a7de01fa5051ce6a
CEO @ Ravti YC s14
If you are searching for someone who can deliver great code, has a super responsive team which can start immediately and has quote which is within your budget, Povio is the team which will do this. We enjoyed working with them.
Ravti is funded by: Y Combinator (source: Crunchbase)
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Cofounder @ Moltin YC w15
Easy to work with plus very good understanding and implementation of our objectives and requirements. On-time delivery that was within budget.
Moltin is funded by: Funders Club, Y Combinator, Frontline Ventures (source: Crunchbase)
Founder eef53e9cc4b6bb540b60fa9674c6c46472125ec35dfd9f47307ca91c741ce32b
Cofounder @ Backpack YC s14
These guys are great; on demand, super responsive and they produce quality code which is within YC budget and delivered on time. You guys should definitely check them out if you are on a tight deadline or short on engineering staff.
Backpack is funded by: Y Combinator (source: Crunchbase)
Founder 884de278fad7c9004c77897fbcc119ca2e577107fcd73f310a062553de3ba1fd
Cofounder @ Dubjoy YC s11
Easy to talk to, quality code, clean design and lightning fast delivery. Delivered 5 cookies for the price of 2.
Dubjoy is funded by: Y Combinator, Digital Garage (source: Crunchbase)

We are giving you the opportunity to peek into some of the world’s best startups.

You are going to work on projects that are:
- US/Silicon Valley based
- Y Combinator alumni
- Having hyper growth
- Funded by top investors
- Disrupting the market

At Povio Labs, you will work, collaborate and learn from successful Founders.

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Are you interested in joining the team that works for the best Silicon Valley startups? We have positions for people who pursue to more knowledge and challenges.

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Povio Labs is a place where students can thrive. We have opportunities that can help you take your ideas and your passion to the next level. Develop skills and get hands-on experience working with some of the best in the business.

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- Mountain View, California
- Celje, Slovenia
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- Ljubljana and Ohrid (Coming soon)